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Flight Ready: Gunner Seat Project

Date Uploaded: 31-Jul-2018

A new and improved Gunner Seat is on the way to crews that fly in the H60 Helicopter. Representatives from PMA 202 and Airworks discuss how fleet input is contributing to the seat's development.

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NAVAIR Flight Ready: NAWCAD ATR Building Dedication

Date Uploaded: 17-Apr-2018

The newest addition to the Navy's Atlantic Test Ranges at Naval Air Station Patuxent River is open for business.

At a special event at PAX River in March of 2018, Leaders from the Navy and GW Management Services dedicated a new high-security operations center.

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Flight Ready: MJC Wall: Capabilities Based Test & Evaluation

Date Uploaded: 26-Mar-2018

A technology used to film sporting events helps testers at the Naval Air Systems Command speed products to the fleet. See how engineers use MJC Wall to fully test an aircraft in a virtual environment before it is ready to fly.

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Flight Ready: Capabilities Based Acquisition

Date Uploaded: 08-Mar-2018

Speed to fleet starts with keeping the end in mind.  Capabilities Based Acquisition is a new way of doing business designed to deliver usable products to the warfighter faster.

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Flight Ready: FRC WESTPAC: Worldwide Readiness

Date Uploaded: 15-Feb-2018

Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific provides depot level maintenance support to forward deployed Navy and Marine Corps forces. Its highly-trained artisans travel the globe to keep the fleet flying.

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Flight Ready: P-8A Poseidon: Guardian of the Seas

Date Uploaded: 16-Jan-2018

The P-8A Poseidon takes to the skies. A look at its technology, and the many missions it'll handle for the Navy in the future.

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Flight Ready: Guardian System Certification

Date Uploaded: 19-Dec-2017

Guardian, a ground-based sense and avoid system, brings increased situational awareness to unmanned operators on the ground. Designed with safety in mind, see how it will accelerate testing and enable manned and unmanned aircraft to operate together.

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Flight Ready: Professional Development Council's Development Training Event 2017

Date Uploaded: 02-Aug-2017

Shaping future leaders: NAWC-AD's  Professional Development Council hosted its annual training event in June , giving over 300 hundred junior personnel an opportunity to meet with senior leaders from across the command. Check out more about the event, and get a sneak peak at the new fab lab.

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Date Uploaded: 24-May-2017

Speeding innovation to the fleet: Naval Air Systems Command engineers develop an in-house solution to fill a training gap for naval aviators learning to land on an aircraft carrier with Magic Carpet. See how some of the youngest members of the workforce helped make the "RIDE" possible.

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Flight Ready: Magic Carpet

Date Uploaded: 01-May-2017

NAVAIR engineers speed safety to the fleet delivering MAGIC CARPET well ahead of schedule. How this technology is revolutionizing aircraft carrier landings and what was done to accelerate its delivery to the fleet.

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Flight Ready: Sailor 2025

Date Uploaded: 03-Feb-2017

Sailor 2025 is the CNO's vision of the 21st century Sailor. NAWCTSD is the Navy's center of excellence for ready relevant learning. Learn more about how the Navy is applying leading-edge technology to deliver the right training at the right time at the right place for our sailors.

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Flight Ready: Live, Virtual, Constructive

Date Uploaded: 19-Jan-2017

Navy leadership discusses the value of Live Virtual Constructive and the positive impact it is going to have on training and fleet readiness.

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Flight Ready: Fueling the Fleet of the Future

Date Uploaded: 15-Sep-2016

Did you know that a high performance jet can fly on a 100-percent alternative biofuel? Currently, NAVAIR is flight-testing a 100 percent biofuel at Patuxent River, Maryland, in an EA-18G Growler. Check out the video and learn more about NAVAIR's effort to make the Secretary of the Navy's goal of 50 percent of the fleet on alternative fuel by 2020 a reality.

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Flight Ready: Additive Manufacturing: Printing the Future of Naval Aviation

Date Uploaded: 08-Sep-2016

Hot off the printer: An MV-22 Osprey takes flight with an additive manufactured part for the first time at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md. Learn more about the Naval Air Systems Command's role in the development of this futuristic technology and how additive manufacturing will reduce cost and increase fleet readiness.

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Flight Ready: Fleet Readiness Center Engine Room

Date Uploaded: 22-Jan-2016

When an aircraft engine breaks, it's up to the men and women of Fleet Readiness Center Southeast in Jacksonville, Florida, to fix it and get it fit for flight. Watch to learn more about these skilled artisans and how their speed means big savings for the fleet.

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Flight Ready: Atlantic Targets & Marine Operations

Date Uploaded: 12-Nov-2015

Preparing the fleet for the frontlines, that's the job of the Atlantic Target and Maritime Operation (ATMO) division, Norfolk detachment, based in Dam Neck, Va.  Learn how this fleet training team executes simulated attacks on ships and aircraft and why these realistic threat drills are vital to a battle group's success at sea.

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NAVAIR Flight Ready: Consolidated Automated Support System

Date Uploaded: 14-Oct-2015

Since 1994, the Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) has provided repair capabilities for all naval aircraft, ship and submarine electronics systems. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits the CASS system provides and how it has serviced our warfighters throughout the years.

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Flight Ready: C-2 Greyhound 50th Anniversary

Date Uploaded: 13-Oct-2015

For 50 years, the C-2A Greyhound has delivered solutions and smiles across the seas. Watch to learn more about this "workhorse" of the Navy and see the integral logistical support it continues to provide deployed combat groups today.

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Flight Ready: First Innovation Challenge a success (August 2015)

Date Uploaded: 26-Aug-2015

Three teams of developmental employees at Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division participated in Naval Air Systems Command's inaugural Innovation Challenge, developing creative solutions to warfighter needs. Watch to learn more about the team projects and how this unique opportunity has changed the perspective of these young scientists and engineers.

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Flight Ready: Triton Airspace Integration

Date Uploaded: 04-Aug-2015

As the Navy increases its operational use of unmanned aircraft, it's important to ensure they can safely integrate with manned aviation. Watch as NAVAIR engineers at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, work with air traffic controllers at the Federal Aviation Administration in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to incorporate the MQ-4C Triton into national airspace demonstrating the UAV's ability to navigate the highways in the sky.

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Flight Ready: Autonomy

Date Uploaded: 17-Jul-2015

NAWCWD's groundbreaking advances in autonomy are reinventing how our engineers are designing systems at China Lake, California. From self-correcting quadcopters to collision-avoiding Turtlebots, autonomy is evolving systems to a higher level of sophistication. These designs allow them to sense, understand, decide and act in support of selected missions.

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Flight Ready: U.S. Naval Test Pilot School: Live Virtual Constructive

Date Uploaded: 01-Jul-2015

The next chapter in naval flight test training is here. The U.S. Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, Maryland, recently adopted Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) simulation exercise technology into its capstone project for its students. LVC enhances training readiness and prepares pilots for a wide range of operational scenarios, especially ones that can’t be replicated in live training.

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Flight Ready: Innovation Challenge Update (June 2015)

Date Uploaded: 22-Jun-2015

Challenge issued and accepted; now, more than halfway through the first ever Naval Air Systems Command Innovation Challenge, three teams of Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division developmental employees are hard at work creating an innovative solution to a fleet problem.  Watch to learn more about the team projects and how this unique opportunity has changed the perspective of these young scientists and engineers.

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Flight Ready: Spike 2015 Blk II Programmed Round Shot

Date Uploaded: 15-Jun-2015

Watch as Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) performs a live-fire demonstration of Spike missile with newly attached folding fins that were developed in-house. The design concept comes from years of work to develop a lightweight, portable missile that could deploy from a shoulder-launch configuration. The test, which took place April 27, 2015, in China Lake, California, analyzed and evaluated the trajectory of the two missiles.

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Flight Ready: Magic Carpet

Date Uploaded: 14-May-2015

MAGIC CARPET, which stands for Maritime Augmented Guidance with Integrated Controls for Carrier Approach and Recovery Precision Enabling Technologies, is a new technology designed to lift the stress off of naval pilots who have to land on carriers. Watch to learn more about this control system that will reduce the pilot's workload and make carrier landings easier and safer.

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Flight Ready: COMFRC F/A-18 A-D Hornet Life Extension

Date Uploaded: 14-Apr-2015

What does it take to nearly double the service life of America's frontline fighter jet? In this video, Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) Rear Adm. Paul Sohl talks about the FRCs' efforts to refurbish the F/A-18 Hornets to keep them fit for fleet service.

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Flight Ready: F/A-18 Center Barrel Replacement

Date Uploaded: 26-Mar-2015

What does it take to nearly double the service life of a Navy aircraft? Engineers and technicians at Fleet Readiness Center Southeast in Jacksonville, Fla., perform a complete overhaul of the aging F/A-18 Hornet to get these fighters fit for the fleet and back on the flight line.

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Flight Ready: Innovation Challenge

Date Uploaded: 09-Feb-2015

Ready, set, innovate! Naval Air Systems Command leadership challenges the youngest minds in the organization to find creative solutions to warfighter needs. Learn more about the first ever NAVAIR Innovation Challenge and meet the three NAWCAD teams selected to participate in this exciting competition.

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Flight Ready: Electronic Consolidated Automated Support System

Date Uploaded: 20-Jan-2015

Keeping the fleet flight ready:  The electromagnetic Consolidated Automatic Support System (eCASS) offers the Navy a standardized way to test and repair avionics, allowing aircraft to quickly return to action. eCASS is set to replace the aging CASS system and will expand test capabilities to include new and future aircraft platforms.

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Flight Ready: AIRworks in action: CV-22 Ballistic Protection

Date Uploaded: 15-Dec-2014

Responding to an urgent need from the fleet, the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Special Operations Cargo team provided ballistic panel protection to the CV-22 aircraft in less than 180 days. Learn how AIRWorks, a NAVAIR wide effort to collaborate capability across the command, helped the Cargo team meet that critical deadline.

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Flight Ready: Next generation threat system

Date Uploaded: 08-Dec-2014

Train like you fight; fight like you train.  The Next Generation Threat System is a highly advanced virtual training system offering Navy and Air Force pilots the ability to train in a mission setting.  Learn how the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division is using constructive environments to enhance warfighter training and help aircrew prepare for combat.

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Flight Ready: Cognitive fidelity in synthetic environment live virtual constructive

Date Uploaded: 08-Dec-2014

Discovering the science behind the simulator; Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, Md. scientists and engineers team up with academia and the medical community to improve virtual training environments for F/A-18 fleet pilots.

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Flight Ready: New websites offer online collaboration & acquisition expertise

Date Uploaded: 02-Dec-2014

Two new websites are transforming how NAVAIR professionals collect, categorize and share vital acquisition information. Similar to Wikipedia, the Knowledge Management System (KMS) sites offer collaboration, access to acquisition experts and a vast collection of documents. It's accessing the collective wisdom of the team with the click of a mouse.

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Flight Ready: Live Virtual Constructive

Date Uploaded: 17-Nov-2014

It's virtually changing training and helping warfighters conduct missions anytime, anywhere, with anyone around the world. Learn how the Live Virtual Constructive environment saves time, money and increases mission readiness across the fleet.

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Flight Ready: Ground Based Sense & Avoid Regional Interoperability Trainer

Date Uploaded: 04-Nov-2014

Marines from Cherry Point, North Carolina, take training into their own hands with the Ground Based Sense and Avoid Regional Interoperability Training system. The simulator teaches Marines how to safely integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into national airspace and reduces the need to travel to Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, for training, which saves time, money and increases on-the-job learning.

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Flight Ready: ATR Energy Green Team Initiative

Date Uploaded: 29-Oct-2014

Watch as the Atlantic Test Ranges (ATR) Green Team at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, tackles high energy usage in its facilities by upgrading and replacing lighting, display systems and computer equipment. As part of an energy iniative, ATR was able to reduce costs associated with energy by 16 percent in single year.

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Flight Ready: Reusable Energy Attenuating Lab seat

Date Uploaded: 17-Sep-2014

Human Systems engineers at Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Patuxent River, Md., are improving warfighter survivability in helicopter crashes. Learn how the Reusable Energy Attenuating Lab (REAL) seat improves the testing process resulting in increased safety and money savings for the fleet.

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Flight Ready: CFIRAL: Unlocking the secrets of the black box

Date Uploaded: 19-Jun-2014

What happened? It's a common question after an aircraft mishap and one most often answered by the aircraft's flight data recorder, commonly known as the "black box."  In this video, learn how the team from the Common Flight Information Recorder Analysis Lab (CFIRAL) at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., is unlocking the secrets of the black box as it helps determine the causes of naval aircraft mishaps.

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Flight Ready: Autonomous Capabilities

Date Uploaded: 20-May-2014

From handheld to high-tech, autonomous systems are at the forefront of today's Navy. Learn more about unmanned system technology and how it brings increased capability and situational awareness to the warfighter.

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Flight Ready: P-25 Fire Vehicle

Date Uploaded: 14-May-2014

Fighting fire with a facelift:  The Fleet Readiness Center Aviation Support Equipment team at Solomons Island, Md., is refurbishing the P-25, a highly specialized shipboard firefighting vehicle. Learn more about this essential piece of equipment and how its conversion will better serve the fleet. Read the full story here.

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Flight Ready: Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Capabilities

Date Uploaded: 06-Mar-2014

Engineers and Marines at Marine Base Quantico, Va., demonstrate the increased capability of small unmanned aerial vehicles and how they are used to increase situational awareness for troops on the ground.

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Flight Ready: Joint Precision Approach and Landing System

Date Uploaded: 29-Jan-2014

Engineers at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., discuss the successful evolution of the Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS). Learn more about this innovative technology from inception to the first ship board landing aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) off the coast of Norfolk, VA.

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Flight Ready: Surface/Aviation Interoperability Lab - Energy Conservation

Date Uploaded: 07-Oct-2013

Learn how the team at the Surface Aviation Interoperability Lab (SAIL) formed a process that saves energy and reduces costs by powering down unnecessary equipment. The result was a 12 percent energy savings over the last year.

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Flight Ready: Global Positioning Systems

Date Uploaded: 06-Aug-2013

Aiming to save time and money, a GPS anti-jam solution currently found on the P-3 Orion is modified to fit the sleek F/A-18 Hornet and the versatile Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle. Click here to read the full story.

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Flight Ready: UAS sensor demonstration

Date Uploaded: 15-Jul-2013

Teams at Patuxent River, Md., led a demonstration June 18-20, 2013, to test technology for future unmanned aircraft system (UAS) platforms that will give warfighters the capability to access information necessary to complete their mission. The new technology will ease how manned and UAS will communicate and operate in the future. Click here to read the full story.

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Flight Ready: Hypoxia training

Date Uploaded: 30-May-2013

Pilots at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., undergo hypoxia training inside a manned flight simulator. Given an intense task to perform, the training helped aircrew better prepare for a potential loss of oxygen. Click here to read the full story.

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Flight Ready: Airspace Integration II

Date Uploaded: 14-May-2013

NAVAIR's Integrated Battlespace Simulation and Test department uses live, virtual and constructive assets to demonstrate the capability of an unmanned air vehicle to safely share the skies with manned aircraft.

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Flight Ready: Airspace Integration

Date Uploaded: 27-Feb-2013

Practice makes perfect.  Marines from Cherry Point, N.C., visit NAS Patuxent River, Md., to train with the Ground Based Sense and Avoid System, a new computer system designed to safely integrate unmanned aircraft in civilian airspace.

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Flight Ready: NAVAIR Reserve Program

Date Uploaded: 17-Jan-2013

The NAVAIR Reserve program brings individuals with a unique skill set to the fight. Learn how one Reservist enhances his full time civilian career with continued service to the fleet.

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Flight Ready: NAVAIR RoadHawk

Date Uploaded: 19-Oct-2012

RoadHawk helps Sailors prepare for deployment one drive at a time. The Surface Aviation Interoperability Lab "RoadHawk" is a tractor trailer containing the command center and avionics suite of an SH-60 helicopter. The mobile laboratory can pull alongside a Navy vessel, giving Sailors the opportunity to conduct tests prior to getting underway.

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Flight Ready: Fiber Optics

Date Uploaded: 18-Oct-2012

Learn about the Navy's recently developed fiber-optic tool kit that will decrease the number of aircraft needing depot-level repair.


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Flight Ready: Common Video Borescope Set

Date Uploaded: 30-Aug-2012

The Common Video Borescope Set is changing the way the Department of the Navy performs aircraft maintenance. Sailors use the hand-held device to inspect and repair aircraft engines without taking them apart, decreasing repair time and increasing the number of mission ready aircraft.


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Flight Ready: Naval Electromagnetic Radiation Facility (NERF)

Date Uploaded: 30-Aug-2012

Learn how the Naval Electromagnetic Radiation Facility (NERF) uses a series of transmitters to test frequency interference on the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System, just one of many tests to ensure safe operation in the carrier environment.

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Flight Ready: CFM56 Engine Upgrade

Date Uploaded: 20-Jun-2012

The U.S. Navy, Air Force and industry worked together to develop and field a modification to CFM International’s CFM56-2 (F108) engine, allowing them to restore exhaust gas temperature margins, increase fuel economy and extend their time between overhauls from 10 to 15 years. The CFM56 engines are used on the Navy’s E-6B Mercury command and control aircraft and the Air Force’s C-135 series tankers and reconnaissance aircraft.


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Flight Ready: F-35B Manned Flight Simulator

Date Uploaded: 17-May-2012

Watch how F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter test pilots and engineers use flight simulators to make flight testing more efficient and safer, particularly for the initial ship trials on USS Wasp (LHD 1) in October 2011.

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Flight Ready: The Women of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School

Date Uploaded: 19-Apr-2012

The first female graduated from the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School in 1982, paving the way for women aviators and engineers. Watch and hear from women who followed in her footsteps as NAVAIR celebrates the accomplishments of women in aviation and engineering.

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Filght Ready: MH-60S and MQ-8B Fire Scout Demonstration

Date Uploaded: 06-Mar-2012

Check out how this demonstration between the MH-60S, MQ-8B Fire Scout and NAVAIR's Surface/Aviation Interoperability Laboratory shows the unique capabilities unmanned aviation brings to the fleet.

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NAVAIR Biofuels Research & Development

Date Uploaded: 26-Aug-2011

Take a look at the innovative biofuels research at China Lake where scientists are developing alternative biofuels using alcohol.

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Flight Ready: U.S. Naval Test Pilot School Old & New Aircraft (Fixed Wing)

Date Uploaded: 31-May-2011

Test pilot school is home to the newest and oldest aircraft in the US Navy. From tail-draggers to supersonics, here's a look at the incredible inventory teaching students the fundamentals of flight.


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Flight Ready: MWR Fitness

Date Uploaded: 26-May-2011

May is National Physcial Fitness and Sports Month. Take advantage of the warmer weather and of Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreational activities to help you reach your fitness goals.

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Flight Ready: V-22 Tactical Vehicle Evaluation

Date Uploaded: 26-May-2011

Watch the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps work collectively during a V-22 tactical vehicle evaluation conducted by NAVAIR Cargo and Special Operations.

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Flight Ready: Advanced Maritime Technology Center

Date Uploaded: 26-May-2011

Listen in on how the Advanced Maritime Technology Center is using aviation technology to broaden the Navy's watercraft capabilities. Plus, watch the Naval Special Warfare Rigid Inflatable Boat and the River Assault Craft take advantage of Patuxent River's wide range of operating environments.

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Flight Ready: Air Structures Engineering Mentorship

Date Uploaded: 14-Jul-2011

Watch how mentorship opportunities are beneficial to students by providing hands-on experiences.

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Flight Ready: Navy Fuel Lab

Date Uploaded: 26-May-2011

Explore the Navy fuel lab at NAVAIR where Navy and Marine Corps fuels need to go to pass specification tests before proceeding onto engine and flight testing.

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