Solicitation Description Close Date Last Update
N68335-14-R-0190 MHU-191A/M Munitions Transporter Component Parts 08/25/2014 08/21/2014
N68335-14-R-0123 MHU-191A/M Munitions Transporter Wheels & Brake Cables 08/25/2014 08/21/2014
N00421-14-T-0537 Motorola MCD 5000 Desk set. 08/27/2014 08/19/2014
N00421-14-T-0532 TSD 8000C Calibration Screen 08/27/2014 08/19/2014
N68335-14-R-0053 This procurement is for installation and alteration support services for common aviation support equipment and aircraft launch and recovery equipment at both shipboard and shore site locations. 09/05/2014 08/19/2014
N68335-14-R-0011 Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare Intelligence (formerly known as Project Beartrap) Support Services 09/08/2014 08/19/2014
N00421-14-T-0495 Ethernet Cards 08/29/2014 08/18/2014
N00421-14-T-0497 PLC Parts for Fuel Cell 08/28/2014 08/14/2014
N68335-14-R-0001 T56 Series III Engine Depot Repair and Maintenance 10/06/2014 08/13/2014
N00421-14-T-0509 Enhanced PCI Frame Sync/Decom 08/22/2014 08/12/2014
N00421-14-T-0505 Urethane Casting of RCS Spheres 08/22/2014 08/12/2014
N00421-14-T-0503 SILICONEXPERT PARTS SEARCH TOOL SOFTWARE 08/12/2014 08/11/2014
N68335-14-R-0018 BAA for Advanced Aircraft Power Systems; Fuel Technology; Aircraft Energy Conservation and Environmental Compliance 11/12/2014 11/25/2013
N00019-09-R-0007 F-5 & NSAWC Site Visit Q&A's 10/11/2014 10/11/2012

Last Updated: 21-Aug-14