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Inside The Box
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"Inside The Box"
East Coast Facilities:
Advanced Systems Integration

Aircraft Anechoic Test Facility
Electromagnetic Interference

Shielded Hangar

West Coast Facilities:
RCS Bistatic Anechoic Chamber
RCS Large Anechoic Chamber
RCS Small Anechoic Chamber
Missile Engagement Simulation

Missile Engagement Simulation Arena

The Missile Engagement Simulation Arena (MESA) has two Overhead Target Supports (OTS) that has six control lines, six encoder lines, a main hoist and two dedicated computers.

High Bay Simulation Arena

  • 150'W x 405'L x 90'H

    Hardware Includes:

    • Instrumentation Radar
    • Three Axis Sensor Positioner
    • Sensor Transporter
    • Mid–Range Target Support
    • Down–Range Target Support
    • Two Controllers to Position Calibration Spheres in Two Dimensions