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Inside The Box
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"Inside The Box"
East Coast Facilities:
Advanced Systems Integration

Aircraft Anechoic Test Facility
Electromagnetic Interference

Shielded Hangar

West Coast Facilities:
RCS Bistatic Anechoic Chamber
RCS Large Anechoic Chamber
RCS Small Anechoic Chamber
Missile Engagement Simulation

Advanced Systems Integration Laboratory

  • Chamber Test Area: 180'Lx180'Wx60'H (32,000 square feet of floor testing area)
  • The chamber can accommodate two tactical aircraft (up to 40 tons) or one E–6 or Boeing 707 sized aircraft.
  • Center-line floor space can accommodate a Boeing 707 aircraft weighing up to 400,000 pounds.
  • Chamber isolation (15kHz–18GHz) is specified as 100dB. Maximum reflectivity of the RAM varies from –3dB at 30 MHz, to –45dB at 37 GHz.
  • "U–shaped" pit under the chamber floor for stimulation equipment; signal cables are passed through ports in the floor
  • Preparation area between chamber door and weather door keeps temperature on chamber door steady to prevent warping and provides additional area for testing
  • The Operations Control Center (OCC) provides an area where tests can be controlled and viewed and is accessible to networks, simulator displays and SUT cameras
  • Filtered Electrical Power
  • Support equipment for A/C, Hydraulics, and other aircraft requirements.
  • Adjacent to taxiway/runway
  • Standard A/C power available