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RCS Bistatic Anechoic Chamber
RCS Large Anechoic Chamber
RCS Small Anechoic Chamber

Radar Reflectivity Laboratory

The Radar Reflectivity Laboratory (RRL) is at the forefront of Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurements, RCS analysis and radar signature control technology. Located at the NAVAIR WD, Pt. Mugu, Calif., the laboratory is a unique national asset in the Department of Defense (DoD). The RRL provides monostatic and bistatic RCS characterization and full–signature diagnostics on a wide variety of test objects including full–scale cruise and ballistic missiles; U.S. and foreign air, sea and land vehicles; target drones; augmentation systems for target threat emulators; antenna systems; ship and submarine top–side features and components; and rotating propulsion systems.

The laboratory operates three indoor anechoic chambers, two of which are equipped with compact–range collimating reflectors that provide far–field measurements. The largest of the three chambers, called the Bistatic Anechoic Chamber, is designed for the measurement of both monostatic and bistatic RCS. This chamber is a DoD national asset because of its unique capabilities such as broad frequency coverage, large measurement quiet zone, wide–angle bistatic coverage in vertical and horizontal dimensions, and antenna performance testing. Vertical and horizontal bistatic RCS measurements produce the signature characteristics that represent correct engagement geometries that are critical in the evaluation of US and foreign semi–active missile performance.