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The Field Service Program at Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRC Southwest) is central to providing flexible maintenance solutions to the Fleet. Having the capabilities to move Artisans, Material, Equipment and Tooling to the work reduces downtime and the need to transport assets to higher level repair locations.

Our Field Service on-site facilities include MCAS Miramar and MCB Camp Pendleton in California, MCAS Yuma in Arizona, MCAS Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii.

field service program


The Voyage Repair Team (VRT) is responsible for repair and refurbishment of the Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE). This includes Catapult Launch systems, Helicopter Launch systems, Optical Navigational Aids\Flight Deck lighting, Jet Blast Deflectors and Aircraft Recovery systems aboard all 6 Aircraft Carriers deployed in the Pacific Fleet, as well as many other ships deployed to Battle Groups in the Pacific.

voyage repair team


The AV-8B Harrier Fighter/Attack aircraft is unique in the Marine Corps arsenal in that it is a fixed-wing jet capable of Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing (V/STOL). With the capacity to operate from forward operations areas in a landing zone not much larger than the aircraft itself, as well as aboard ships with limited flight deck space, the Harrier is capable of Mach speed and carries a variety of weapons systems. This remarkable versatility gives the AV-8B a varied and flexible ability to quickly provide Close Air Support to troops on the ground and to defeat airborne threats as well. The Harrier receives surface and structural service at the FRCSW site in Yuma, Arizona.



The varied and comprehensive Paint Services at FRCSW are equiped for painting projects ranging from large and intermediate surface body to small individual aircraft components.

paint services

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