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FRC East’s customers

V 22

FRC East’s workload


  • 200 Navy and Marine Corps activities
  • 31 foreign nations
  • 5 U. S. Air Force activities
  • 3 U.S. Army activities
  • 2 other federal agencies


As a service provider specializing in support of Marine Corps aircraft, engines, and components, FRC East is the only source of repair within the continental United States for many jet engines and rotary wing engines, as well as turbofan vectored thrust engines.




  • Airframes: AV-8B, V-22, H-1, H-2, H-3, H-46, H-53, H-60, C-130, EA-6B, F-18, F-35, and MQ-8
  • Depot Repair Point for the drive and rotary systems of the MQ-8B Fire Scout
  • T58 engines used in the H-46 Sea Knight and the SH-3 Sea King helicopters
  • T400 engines that powers the UH-1 Huey utility and the AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters
  • F402 engines that give the AV-8 Harrier its unique vectored thrust flight capability; and the T64 engine that drive the H-53 helicopter
  • The command repairs more than 18,790 components supporting 197 type/model/series of aircraft
  • Auxiliary power units and gas turbine compressor engines

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