The AN/ARC-210(V) system is composed of a family of Weapons Replaceable Assemblies (WRAs) which can be configured to meet individual platform and customer requirements. The complete list of the ARC-210 family components is provided by a matrices for the transceivers, controls, and other ancillary equipment. The specific WRAs in the ARC-210 complement include receiver-transmitters, remote control units, mounting mechanisms and antennas which are chosen dependent on the mission needs of each platform. ARC-210 Logo

Like the predecessor ARC-182 system, the members of the ARC-210 radio family provide full AM and FM coverage of the Military bands in the 30-400 MHz range. The primary members of the family are the RT-1556B, RT-1747D/E, RT-1794(C), RT-1824(C), RT-1851(C), and the RT-1851A(C).

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